Help us celebrate ASI's 50th Anniversary!

Help us celebrate ASI's 50th Anniversary! image


YOU have been a vital part of the American Suzuki Institute success story. We are sure you have your own vivid memories of the time you spent at the Institute in Stevens Point like those of professional cellist and teacher Amy Sue Barston.

"Now, I was NOT a kid who practiced much during the year, who wanted to show my institute teachers how much I had improved. In fact, I improved more in that one or two weeks at Stevens Point than in the whole year before. I just wanted to be there in that extraordinary place. To see my cello friends from all over the world. To see those special teachers, who made each of us feel uniquely important, who honored our different personalities, and inspired us to reach ever farther and, above all, to love the music. And that feeling of belonging is what that smokestack represented.”

We want to keep creating stories like Amy’s, but we need your help. As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we hope you will consider making a gift to the American Suzuki Institute fund. Perhaps you will consider $50 for our 50th Anniversary; $50 for each year you attended; or $50 per month ($600 a year) to provide the opportunity for one student to attend the Institute for one week. Your generous donation will help keep the American Suzuki Institute affordable to all students for the next 50 years!

You are also invited to take part in our 50th Anniversary Reunion Celebration. Please stay in touch as our plans develop by going to or And, spread the word to your Suzuki friends and your parents too!

Regardless of what role music has in your life today, as a Suzuki student, Suzuki parent or Suzuki teacher, or a lover of kids and music, how did the American Suzuki Institute impact your life? We’d love to hear your story and look forward to having you join us in July!